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Sometime it’s nessessary to email an individual about multiple people. Sometimes, its nessessary to email loads of people about loads of people.

I needed a way to email managers about staff in their team who were recieving new equipment. As this was multiple people in multiple teams with multiple managers it was a bit out of the scope of what mailmerge is designed to handle.

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The script takes a “source.csv” layed out like this:

ID Name Device ManagerID ManagerName ManagerEmail
1001 Joe Bloggs iPhone 6 2001 A [email protected]
1002 Steve Jones iPhone 5 2001 A [email protected]
1003 Dan Smith iPhone 6 2002 B [email protected]

For each unique manager in this list (“A” and “B”) a new email will be created based on an html template “_template.htm”. addressed to the manager and containing a formatted table with their staff.


Using the table above, manager “A” will recieve and email about employees 1001 & 1002, and manager “B” about employee 1003.


  • Edit the “_template.html” file in MS Word (to retain the formatting)
  • Edit/replace the “sourcedata.csv” file, retaining the headers
  • Run the script
  • All messages will sit in outlooks “Draft” folder untill ready to send

To Do/Extension

1) Automatic sending The initial usecase for this script need it to be sent by outlook at a given time

2) More options!

3) Inline processing This wasn’t required initially but it might be useful to be able to accept the sourcedata table/object via a pipe or argument